Global Climate Strike

March 15th, the Ides of March, 44 BC, the day that Julius Caesar was assassinated, “et tu, Brute?”. This year, it has been designated as a “Global Climate Strike” by youth organizations around the world and as a day of action during which their concerns will be voiced in public displays of solidarity. Many young people understand that the future belongs to them and that continued inaction by their parents and grandparents is jeopardizing it. Activists are expected to attend more than 500 strike actions to display their concerns.

As a parent and grandparent, I’m highlighting the March 15th actions so that other parents and grandparents may join in support of these young activists and become involved. One website is Sunrise Movement. Their message is too important to either ignore or deride. At the end of the day, the global implications of climate change should have nothing to do with political affiliation, gender politics, race or religion. The concerns of the young activists are with the implications of climate change to their future. Their concerns are valid, real and justified. Speaking for myself, as a septuagenarian, their future is destined to be a lot longer than mine. We need to listen and support them.

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