Environmental Regulatory Rollbacks

I admit that I am not one to re-invent the wheel. It quickly became pretty useful when invented about 5,500 years ago by a potter somewhere in Mesopotamia. Several generations later, someone realized that it could be used as a rolling platform, pulled by an equine creature, for a warrior to wreak havoc. Then, it became really useful among our ancestors for conquest, exploitation, and subjugation. And, thus, began the arms race. 

All in all, though, the wheel hasn’t changed that much. It still looks pretty much the same; it’s still 360º around. The square ones are a bit bumpy and are far less frequently utilized.

I recently thought it would useful to research the environmental rollbacks proposed and sanctified by the Trump administration. It seems that each day, news is published outlining a new Trumpian environmental atrocity. So, I assumed there would be plethora of articles which I could research for my earlier vision of this article. There were.

During the course of my research, I quickly discovered several outstanding resources which wonderfully summarized the proposed rollbacks. Rather than attempting to recreate the work of the various researchers, I decided to simply bring them together in this post. As such, it is intended as a resource for one and all. 

I’m sure that there are those who would suggest that the deregulatory aspects of the rollbacks are great for the economy. No doubt, some probably are. However, rollbacks re clean water? Easing of rules that enable natural gas leakages? Opening up more federal lands for fossil fuel exploitation when the answer to the fossil fuel crisis is more investment in alternative energy sources rather than more drilling? More investments in the 19th century rather than the 21st? Profits before people? Of course. Laissez-faire capitalism in its most extreme obscene incarnation. Make a quick buck today, meet this quarter’s Wall Street market consensus. Sure. The market knows best. BS.

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published this article about the likely number of incremental deaths that Trump’s environmental rollbacks could create.

This link directs you to a recent New York Times article which highlights eighty of the rollbacks.

The Brookings Institute published this detailed interactive tracking the Trumpian regulatory rollbacks.

The non-profit Environmental Integrity Project also published a summary of Trumpian rollbacks.

Here’s one from the Harvard Law School.

Finally, here’s another article from NBC about his administration’s efforts to undo clean water regulations. Let them drink Perrier!

Should we be proud of the moral leadership exhibited in Washington on the regulatory rollbacks, as well as the more recent revelations of the past week. I don’t think so. Is the Book of Revelations becoming more prescient and relevant? Maybe.

Too much? Too depressing? Too bad.

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