United States Climate Alliance

As I was researching for another blog post this afternoon, I came across the website for the United States Climate Alliance. I thought the success of the Climate Alliance would be worthwhile highlighting.  I knew that there was a group of governors who recognized the importance of addressing the rate of growth of greenhouse gas emissions. … Continue reading United States Climate Alliance

A Bludgeon for Climate Change

As a retiree in my seventy-third year, I have time to sit at my computer and ponder questions ranging from the trivial to the profound. I usually find reasonable answers for the former, rarely for the latter.  One question, trivial or profound according to one’s own conscience, is how to convince the US population to … Continue reading A Bludgeon for Climate Change

Climate Change Denial

Why does climate change denial persist in spite of the evidence? Much of the science behind climate change seems to be irrefutable at this point. For example, science has shown that the temperature of the earth has warmed about 2 degrees Fahrenheit since the Industrial Revolution. The implications of increased greenhouse gases (like carbon dioxide, … Continue reading Climate Change Denial